Fun Sticky Notes and Notebooks!

Facebook sticky note!

 Pantone Notebooks

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My First Front Page Cover

My first front page cover happened when I was 5 years old for my elementary school newsletter, but at least I had a front page cover!

Now my goal is to be on the front page of Azure, Style at Home, House and Home, Dwell, Design lines or Canadian Interiors. I’ll make it some how!

I have a team of people who believe in me. I just need to keep pushing harder!

Dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go; be what you want to be, because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do

Wonder woman!

I’m in love with the wonder woman collection by nOir.

A few years ago I dressed up as wonder woman for Halloween. I really love that costume.

I wished that the wonder woman collection by nOir was out back then because it would have iced my costume out perfectly.

How to put together a wonder woman costume:

I went to a stag shop and bought a red corset.

Boy short underware in navy blue. I took the underware to Bang-on and got them to bang-on stars. ( ) the underware has to be cotton, or else it won’t work.

My accessories were from party packagers. I had their PG wonder woman costume for another party. But the costume could still be completed without it.

If I were to pull that costume out again, I would buy the wonder woman ring, bracelet,  and necklace from nOir jewelry.

I wore thigh high boots with it, but stocking and hot red heels or heels with stars would look amazing as well.


Barbie Tote


Who else but Barbie® would have the world’s most fabulous closet? This stylish tote will turn heads and inspire a little envy wherever you go! Tote features a different screen print of Barbie doll’s closet on each side and is made of 100% cotton canvas with inside zipper pocket and printed Barbie logo.

To buy this bag visit:

This bag would be great to carry your books for school or even heading out to the beach.

It’s on my I love it list! For $28.00 it’s a steal!